Regime Associations and Buildings


  1. To promote sound and effective resource management practices among the Condominium and Townhouse groups in regards to the maintenance, repair, and operation of primary structural, common, and shared components of the buildings.
  2. To communicate existing basis for governance, policies, and operations of building associations, and to develop, monitor, and recommend amendments to Association organizations (Regimes) for all residential Building groups in the Village.


  1. Monitor the existing Associations to ensure they are active and functioning effectively.
  2. Provide the communication link for all issues and items emanating from the Association Boards of Directors that impact regimes and vice-versa.
  3. Provide support to homeowners in the operations and organization of the non-regime building groups in a format that is acceptable to the owners.
  4. Assist Regime Directors in the development and the implementation of Long Range Regime Maintenance Plans and insure that they are adequately funded.
  5. Meet periodically with Regime directors to review the condominium bylaws, to make sure they are aware of their responsibility relative to Regime maintenance and their authority to set assessments to maintain the building in a proper state of repair.
  6. Review maintenance plans to determine if they are complete and adequately funded. Obtain and review minutes of all regime annual meetings. Identify and follow up with Executive Director on all action items and master plans before next annual meeting.
  7. Employ outside experts, with Board approval, as needed to evaluate the current status of the buildings, to point out structural concerns, periodic maintenance requirements and the estimated cost of such maintenance.
  8. Review the bidding process, the awarding of jobs, the job progress, the deficiency list and final sign off, for all jobs conducted by the Association as agent for the regimes.