Boards Members



Jay Kahn President  Poolside 10
Florrie Paige 1st VP  Hakone 13
Barbara McGee Secretary  Creekside 28
Herb Lewis Treasurer  Riverside 48
Robert Oehrlein Director  Creekside 25
Kevin Rohrbacher Director  Liftside 02
Vacant Position Director
Michele Cloke Director  Liftside 12
Lucia Homick Director  Liftside 19-20
Vacant Position Director
Michael Rembish Director  Mountainview 02
John Mooney Associate Director  Telemark 07
Elizabeth Waldvogel Associate Director  Riverside 59
Michael Conte Associate Director  Villmarksauna 15
Pallas Snider Ziporyn Associate Director  Mountainview 21
Joe Hester Ingram Executive Director

If you wish to contact any Officer or Director, please send an email to and we will forward along.