Sterling 1-10

Directors – None elected at thistime

Governance – Note the Declaration and Bylaws at the links below were drafted in 1993 and filed in the Cambridge Town Records. However, they have not been adopted by all of the Sterling homes units 1-10. At such time that they are adopted by all homes in the group, they will become effective and will allow the homeowners of Sterling Townhouses units 1-10 to organize and function as an Association. Please note that the documents as they currently exist may not fully comply with Vermont State Statutes that became effective January 1, 2012. Portions of the new statutes supersede sections of the existing Declarations and Bylaws as of January 1, 2012. For further detailed reference to new statutes, please visit.

At such time that all homes adopt the Declarations and Bylaws, they will also consider amendments that will bring their documents into compliance.


Bylaws of the Sterling Townhouses 1-10 Association

Meeting Minutes:

There are no current meeting minutes.