Office and Staff

Executive Director – Dale Stetson

Project Regime and Homeowner Manager – Joe Hester Ingram

Accounts and bookkeeper – Stefanie Lang


Mailing and shipping addresses:

If you are mailing or shipping a package to the Association for your home, please do the following:

  • Call the SNHA office to let us know when to expect a package for your home, and what to do with the package when it arrives.
  • Mail via US Post Office a package to: SNHA c/o [Your name] PO Box 244 Jeffersonville, Vt 05464 with our physical address.
  • Shipments by UPS or other carrier to: SNHA c/o Your Name 27 Old Rt 108 Loop #5, Jeffersonville, Vt 05464
  • Using the above addresses will better ensure that your package reaches the SNHA Office and that we will be able to assist you in a timely manner.