Resort Fees and Services


  1. To oversee the contracted Fees charged or credited to Homeowners by the Village, including Condominium Fees, utility fees, special assessments, lodging rates, etc.
  2. Review and monitor types of services provided homeowners, as per the contractual agreements, and determine such other services that may be desirable.


  1. Review annual requested changes in Village and utility Fees and in contracted lodging rates, when presented by management. Rates should be submitted as soon as annual CPI adjustment factor is determined and in sufficient time for a first quarter adjustment to Homeowner accounts.
  2. Village fees, water and TV rates may be adjusted depending upon whether new construction has taken place in the Village. These adjustments are related to the number of homes served and the capacity of the service components. Management is responsible for preparing these figures and making them available to the Board prior to implementing any adjustment.
  3. Management should bring to the attention of this committee any special assessments and other rate additions or changes. The committee should review the proposed changes and forward them to the Board for approval. This could include H.O. ski rates, special lodging rates, etc.
SNHA – Important Actions taken

Memorandum of Understanding – Telephone Service 1990