Executive Committee


  1. To define the objectives of the Association and develop the overall direction and a strategy that allows the Board of Directors to achieve those objectives.
  2. To monitor the contractual relationships between all the various groups of homeowners and the Village Management, and through the Board of Directors and its committees, to ensure that the interests of all the homeowners are fully protected proactively.
  3. To ensure that all homeowner identified issues, are proactively addressed by the Board of Directors of the Association and its sub-committees.
  4. To oversee the employment, determine payroll needed, and monitor activities of the Executive Director of the Association and other office staff as may be required to fulfill the work of the Association within the annual budget as approved by the Board and presented to the membership for endorsement at the Annual Meeting.


  1. On behalf of Homeowners, conduct periodic reviews of Village Management’s and Village Owner’s plans, policies, practices, contracts and agreements regarding the Village.
  2. Review all permit applications submitted for development and when appropriate, represent the Association in the State of Vermont Act 250 and other permitting processes.
  3. Advise Management of homeowner issues and communicate Board recommendations for their resolution.
  4. Formulate agendas for the Association Board and the Annual Membership Meetings.
  5. Provide timely responses to emergency issues arising between meetings of the Board as well as to issues delegated to the Executive Committee by the Board.
  6. Assist the Executive Director in, monitoring all necessary personnel policies, employing personnel, reviewing personnel appraisals made by the Executive Director, and setting wages for office staff within the annual budget as approved by the Board and presented to the membership for endorsement at the Annual Meeting of SNHA.
  7. Prepare an annual performance appraisal and an annual employment proposal for the Association’s Executive Director. Communicate the appraisal to the Executive Director and negotiate an employment agreement for the next employment period.
  8. Annually appoint Association legal counsel and Association external auditors.
  9. Create Board sub committees as needed and appoint Board directors or Associate directors to chair these sub committees. Each chairperson shall be guided by and report to a member of the executive committee.
  10. Create a Village liaison committee consisting of the Board President, Vice presidents, Treasurer and Secretary. The purpose of this sub committee of the Executive committee is to provide a conduit for informal discussions between the Board and Village management.
    • Keep and distribute minutes of all these meetings to the full executive committee and to the Board of Directors at their following meetings.
    • This sub committee will not have authority to conduct Association business or commit the Association in any manner whatsoever.