Homeowner Use – Rental and Non-rental


  1. To ensure that Village Management is using its best efforts to provide full and equitable rental occupancy in the homes at all times.
  2. To ensure that non rental use of the homes by the Village conforms to contractual requirements.


  1. Monitor the Rental Allocation Program with regard to:
    • Maintaining equitable rental of all homes of a similar size and type within the same lodging rate designation.
    • Ensuring that the star rating differential 5 star to 5 star plus homes is maintained, where practical, and report on village wide findings for each group.
    • Reviewing the rental year performance to ensure that individual home results have achieved the desired objective.
  2. Rental equalization periods are reviewed twice a year with Resort Management. Summer period: April 1-September 30.  Winter period: October 1-March.
      • Review homes receiving significant below average rentals, in order to improve their situation in the coming year.
      • Ensure that Complimentary usage conforms to all contract guidelines, as to type of guest, and maximum usages per rental component for the full year.
      • Ensure that homes are properly classified, giving regard to the size and type of unit, within their appropriate regime for rental balancing purposes.
      • Ensure that, Star rating adjustments are made in the reservations system by management.
  3. Work with Village management to urge renting homeowners to keep their home profiles up to date within the rental allocation system.
  4. Work with Village management to protect homeowners contractual rights in the implementation of the new Rental allocation programs.



To provide the Board with an understanding of the concerns of the Non renting and Self renting homeowners


  1. Provide a complete synopsis of those areas in which the non-renting owners have a contractual right to act
  2. Provide a complete synopsis of those areas in which the Self-renting owners have a contractual right to act.
  3. Develop a two part sub committee consisting of a Non-renting group and a Self renting group to monitor activity in those areas that can be addressed.
  4. Provide the Board with input and recommendations on the areas and issues that require Board action.