Quality Home Program


  1. To encourage all homeowners to establish and maintain their homes in a 5 star condition.
  2. To establish annual evaluation guidelines relative to the homeowner contract and in context with current guest expectation levels.
  3. To bring to the Boards attention Village requests for changes in the 5 star requirements.


  1. At the beginning of the rating season develop evaluation guidelines in conjunction with:
    • Village management
    • the Association Star Rating Coordinator
    • the Association Executive Director.
  2. Examine and evaluate with the Coordinator and the Executive Director:
    • 3 star downgrades to a non-renting status, as requested by Village management.
    • The star rating procedures.
  3. Review individual star ratings (book) upon completion.
  4. Answer homeowner’s questions where necessary.
  5. Arbitrate unresolved disagreements.
  6. Review all correspondence to homeowners.
  7. Review status of progress regarding Homeowner commitments to upgrades.
  8. Approve downgrades and deferrals.
  9. Review HDYU surveys and R.C.I evaluations relative to conditions in the home, and communicate legitimate findings to the homeowner.