Operations – Damage, Housekeeping & Maintenance


  1. To promote the reduction of the amount and severity of damage and loss within the homes.
  2. To monitor closely the Village charges to the fund, in order to ensure their legitimacy and accuracy. For Damage Fund criteria See – smugglers damage fund criteria



  1. Review the inspection process and ensure that it effectively promotes damage reduction.
  2. Monitor the operation of the 5% Damage fund. Audit the work orders and billings issued by management for repair and replacement of items and furnishings within homes in order to determine their correctness and compliance with the guidelines for the damage fund as per the contract and subsequent understandings between management and the Association.
  3. Identify all items charged to the damage fund that do not pertain to individual damages in homes, review their legitimacy and report them as separate items to the Board of Directors.
  4. Meet with management staff as needed to review the procedures and controls for identifying and correcting damage, and for charging the fund.
  5. Determine, compile and maintain a body of statistical data about the fund in order to identify trends in damage/loss and repairs. Review the annual statistics for each home in order to advise each homeowner of the damages incurred in their home.

Review the ongoing policies and rules for the Damage Fund and make recommendations



To monitor housekeeping activities, ensuring that the homes constantly reflect a 5 star image.


  1. Provide a communication vehicle allowing feedback from homeowners to the sub committee. Analyze the feedback, and when necessary, provide an organized critique to Village management.
  2. Negotiate all pricing policies related to all housekeeping charges to homeowners, subject to Board approval.
  3. Establish in conjunction with Village management the various housekeeping programs that will be in place for the year and their expected performance standards.
  4. Review on an annual basis the guidelines provided, by Village management, to renting homeowners who self clean their homes.
  5. Cooperate with Village management in order to provide support and recommendations that could result in consistently clean homes.
  6. Work with Management for changes as needed from time to time.



To monitor the maintenance activities in the homes and common areas, ensuring that the homes and common areas constantly reflect a 5 star image.


  1. Provide a communication vehicle allowing feedback from homeowners to the sub-committee. Analyze the feedback and when necessary provide a critique to Village management.
  2. Negotiate, subject to Board approval, all pricing policies and rates to be charged to homeowners for maintenance items.
  3. Establish in conjunction with Village management, the various maintenance programs that will be provided by the Village and their expected performance standards.
  4. Monitor on a quarterly basis, the timeliness of the completion of work orders for Full Ownership homes. Track the performance to establish a quarterly comparative record for number of open and closed work orders.
  5. Review closed work orders quarterly to determine if charges are fair, charged to the proper party (homeowner, damage fund, or Village.) List and notify the Village Operations Manager and the Association’s Executive Director of the questionable work orders.
  6. Monitor and evaluate the responses from guests in the “How Do You Like Us” surveys regarding maintenance of the homes and common areas.
  7. Continue to work with Village Management to make changes to the traditional maintenance programs and develop a more “Managed Maintenance” program.