Regime Associations and Buildings


  1. To promote sound and effective resource management practices among the Condominium and Townhouse groups in the performance maintenance, repair, and operation of primary structural, common property, and shared components of the buildings.
  2. To support Regime Directors in the management of their building association according to the governance, policies, and best practice operation of building associations. In addition, SNHA will help Regimes to develop and recommend amendments to Association organizations (Regimes) for all organized residential Building groups in the Village.

Functions – Listed below are SNHA Committee and Operational Functions for all groups that have appointed SNHA as their agent:

  1. Support the existing Associations to ensure they are active and functioning effectively.
  2. Provide the communication link to their respective homeowners for all issues and items emanating from the Association Boards of Directors that impact the regimes and vice-versa.
  3. Assist Regime Directors in the development and the implementation of Long-Range Maintenance Plans and ensure that they are adequately funded
  4. Assist Regime Directors
      • To schedule and host meetings,
      • Obtain, review and record minutes of all regime meetings,
      • Identify and follow up with support from SNHA on all action items and master plans coming out of the Regime meetings.
      • To contract and complete projects according to plans.
  5. Employ outside experts, with Regime Director approval, as needed
      • To evaluate the status of the buildings and plans,
      • To point out specific concerns relative to special projects, periodic maintenance requirements and the estimated cost of such maintenance,
      • Review the bidding process, the awarding of jobs,
      • Track the job progress, create a performance deficiency list and final sign off, for jobs as deemed necessary by the Regime Directors (usually, projects that are modifications of existing configurations, complex, and require defined scope and plans for execution).

 Townhome Groups who have not fully organized – SNHA Committee and Staff are available to assist the        group as follows:

  1. With written approval and agreement from all homes within the group (Regime) to appoint SNHA as agent for the group, SNHA will provide support:
      • To achieve common tasks as a group
      • To raise funds and manage accounts
      • To participate in the SNHA Insurance Program
      • To organize and complete special projects as desired by the group
      • To fully organize by adopting Declarations and Bylaws to govern the group.