Monthly Message – April – May 

Winter has been reluctant to let spring fully arrive and prevail. Snow is not unusual in Vermont in April, but most often happens early to mid-April. Not so this year. But today has been gorgeous and though the daffodils are wounded they are lifting their heads with promise. Our April message is a bit late like Spring has been in Vermont. But …….Spring has Arrived !!

Common Village Fee (cvf) – Your first quarter statement from Smugglers’ Resort for 2021 will be arriving soon and you will see several line items we wish to direct your attention to for the:

  1. 2020 Common Village Fee (cvf) “true up” of $335.30, and
  2. 2021 Common Village Fee (cvf) 1st quarter assessment of $305.08( total for 2021 will be $1,220.32 ) which is now based solely on the new allocation which was the outcome of the 2019 settlement of the Smugglers’ v. White case.

Before the settlement took effect, the cvf was allocated with Full Owners paying 90% of the total cvf expense and the resort paying 10%.  The settlement of the class action suit regarding the cvf, approved a new allocation of the total expenses commencing January 1, 2020, where 77.5% of cvf expenses would be charged to owners and 22.5% to the resort, with all homes (full owner, club owner, and fractional owner) paying the exact same amount for the cvf.

There will also be a settlement credit of $19.52 which is awarded to homeowners who owned their homes between 2009 and 2019. This amount will appear twice on the Q1 statement as the 4th quarter 2020 credit was unintentionally overlooked by Smugglers’. This credit of $19.52 will be paid quarterly for 6 years, for a total of $468.48, for homeowners who have owned their homes from 2009 to 2019 to fulfill the details of the 2019 settlement (amount to be prorated for other periods of ownership).

We recognize that this is a lot to understand.  You may recall, the cvf rate was frozen at the 2009 amount for the past decade and the difference between the rate charged and the actual expense for each year was calculated at the end of each year with a true up in the first quarter of the year following. As a result of the 2019 Settlement, the cvf allocation was changed from 90/10 to 77.5/22.5 and incorporated part way through the 2020 year.

To achieve confidence in the cvf expenses and charges, the SNHA financial committee, along with the resort accounting staff, will look at the past details of the assessments and agree or not that the assessments appear consistent. Our goal is to have completed this review by Memorial Day.  The Settlement allows for the homeowners to call for a special audit specific to the cvf should they question the information shared during this review. Additionally, Bill Stritzler (SNMC) has agreed to extend the full special audit provision deadline date as it is indicated in the Settlement from 2/15/2021 to 7/15/2021.

Your SNHA committee will be reporting to you after Memorial Day.

Tracy Whitney has decided after eleven years of dedicated service to the SNHA that it is time for her to move on to explore opportunities elsewhere. She will be missed, particularly by the Homeowners with whom she has worked most closely. We all wish her well with what she will choose to do next. If you currently have plans or projects in process, please be assured that they will move forward smoothly. SNHA is currently reviewing what staffing options will best serve the association. Contact Joe if you have specific concerns

The SNHA annual meeting will be held Saturday morning July 3rd, 2021. The Board has decided to go with a Zoom meeting again this year. While Vermont Governor Scott is optimistic that our state will be back to a more normal summer by July 4th, we must be cautious and firm up our plans now. If social gatherings are allowed by July 3rd, we are hoping to schedule a picnic with whatever appropriate measures will be required at that time. Stay tuned for more details.

Entry Doors – new RFID locks and Smart Thermostats

We understand from Smugglers that there are still homes that have not indicated their choice for locks in the up coming transition from SafLok card system to Salto RFID system. If you are a Smugglers’ Rental Program home, and you have not decided your choices, you need to decide very soon. There were some open questions after the February meetings, mostly about the Energy Management System for larger homes. SNHA will be happy to help you review the updated options so you can submit your decision in May.

While there is not as much urgency for non-renting homes and self-renting homes, if any of these homes have a SafLok, they must decide for another alternative as SakLok card system support will be ending.

You should be receiving an update soon from Smugglers’.

SNHA is available to help all member homes decide what will be best for your use. Email:

We hope you are well and will find it possible to enjoy your Smugglers’ home in the upcoming season.

Take care.