Dear Homeowners,

The COVID-19 threat is unprecedented, your SNHA staff and Board are working with the knowledge we have available today. Therefore, for the time being, we continue to plan the important work we are doing for your homes and regime buildings. This is obviously a dynamic situation, and it’s critical that we have open and transparent communication with Homeowners and Regime Directors throughout this crisis. This is important so that together, we can address any new circumstances as they arise.  The SNHA Board is currently evaluating how to plan the July annual meeting as scheduled for July 5th.  Smugglers’ Resort has delayed the deadline for return of Homeowner calendars allowing us more time to review and consider what will be the best approach to this meeting, virtual, onsite, etc.  If you have any questions, please email Cadi Tourangeau our SNHA Office Assistant. If she does not have an answer to your question, she will forward along to another staff or Board member at SNHA. While the SNHA office remains closed, our staff is working separately and available to keep all SNHA tasks and functions current.

SNHA Homeowner Project Work

The SNHA office is in constant communication with SNMCo and with all of our contractors  who are awaiting the safe go ahead from the State Officials and the Resort to commence work. The tentative return date as of today to perform onsite work is 5/2. If you are planning to participate in the following projects, please stay tuned for reschedule dates and spring offers available to SNHA homeowners. For more information please contact Tracy

  • SNHA Water Heater Replacement Service
  • Absolute Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning
  • Super Store Spring Bedding Replacement 2020 Offer
  • Non-Renting Home Fireplace Cleaning
  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • SNHA Home Inspection Service (April Review Cancelled)
  • QHP Action list items in progress

We wish you all a safe and healthy spring.