We can all breathe a sigh of relief that 2020 is behind us. While we were not able to gather and celebrate over the holiday season, we certainly hope you all enjoyed your time. Ringing in the New Year with snow is a great start!

Thank You Homeowners

SNHA would like to thank all the homeowners for their generous donations over the holiday season to the Cambridge Food Shelf. The homeowner participation totaled $750.00. In addition, SNHA added $250.00 bringing the grand total to $1,000.00! Your continued support in the community is very much appreciated so thank you.

 Andy’s Corner

Homeowners, Andy is currently meeting with Regime Directors on planning the work to be executed for the spring months. If there is something on your wish list you would like to see in the future or you have some ideas to refresh certain areas in and around your building, please share them with Andy andy@snha.net. He would love to hear from you and place your concern on the agenda.

 Tracy’s Nook

This is a great time to plan for home upgrades or repair work. Getting a head start on options that are available in this area will save you $$$ in the end. We will do the legwork for you! We can review your home, provide estimates, and secure the work so that the springtime scramble does not sneak up on you. Contractors are limited, and valued project times fill up quickly. Stay tuned for upcoming spring offers and the annual SNHA Water Heater Replacement Service information. Contact Tracy Whitney tracy@snha.net to find out more.

 Don’t let Your Home Sit Idle

If you are concerned about the lack of rental activity over the past year, don’t rent or plan on using your home as much this season due to travel restrictions, The SNHA Home Review Service is the answer. We will look in on your home, run faucets, flush toilets, check heat settings, review any damage or safety concerns. An overall status report accompanied by photos will be provided to give you peace of mind. Homes are meant to be lived in and not left alone. For details, contact Tracy tracy@snha.net.

 SNHA Board Agenda

Vacancies Filled – Your direction to the Board to recruit and interview volunteers and fill the vacancies that were open this past summer paid off. Volunteers stepped up and all Director positions have been filled and additional seats as Associate Directors have also been filled with homeowners who will be working together on your behalf in the months ahead. For a look at the list –


On the 2021 Agenda for the Directors – Committees have been organized to focus on the below aspects of Resort Life, as well as the usual concerns.

Water Quality and Supply – Several Regimes have organized a closer look at their water quality and will be reviewing tests results and possibly modifying fixtures and plumbing to improve water quality in their homes.

Water Supply and Wastewater infrastructure – The Board has appointed a committee to gain knowledge about how these work for the Resort Community. They are working with Mark Delaney of Smugglers’ Management to better understand how these systems work for our community.

Engineering Review available to Regimes – Back in the 1990’s Regimes worked together to engage the firm of Champlain Engineers to perform a review of Common Regime property and list components with recommendations that would need attention in the future both for routine maintenance and for any special attention identified during the review. For the Regimes that acted on the study, the 1990’s study became the foundation for planning projects, establishing healthy reserve funds, and addressing concerns identified. The implementation of these plans have helped add value and maintain the integrity of these properties. Currently, Directors of organized Regimes are considering joining the 2021 review and updating their plans. This 2021 review is also open to Regimes that have not organized and have not created plans or established reserves. If you wish to know more about this review, please email Joe – joe@snha.net

Entry Door Hardware and Heating/Cooling Control Systems – The Resort has begun a change over from the SafLok system to a new RFID entry system that will also open opportunities for a centrally controlled system for heat and AC. They invited the Board to meet with them to learn more and be able to share their plans with Regime Directors and homeowners. Expect to hear more details about this transition in February.

Out In the Community

My Favorite Things Food Truck

Food trucks are a hit around the country but not all that common to our neck of the woods. While traveling through Jeffersonville, My Favorite Things Food Truck is positioned in various locations. Currently the truck is on the Mountain Road so you can’t miss it. Don’t want to wait around in the cold for your meal, no worries as of 2021 they deliver! If you are looking for an ever-changing menu of warm your heart and soul food, look no further than this place. Check out their menu on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/myfavoritethingsvt/.