Dear Homeowners,

Spring is in the air. While we all are noticing the days getting longer, it is a friendly reminder that daylight savings time starts on March 14th . Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead and spring into the new season. There is a lot going on here at Smuggs so we would like to pass along some seasonal reminders to add to your calendar while you enjoy the end of the 2020-21 ski season.

RFID Lock/Thermostat Update

Please refer to the Smugglers’ homeowner network to find all up to date information regarding the door lock/thermostat transition.

You will find information on:


  • Non renter/self renter solutions
  • Owner’s costs/options specific to your home

Upcoming Virtual Town Halls

  • March 3, 2021   Townhomes
  • March 6, 2021   Condos/Regimes with common areas

After the last briefing on March 6th, a sign up for lock/ems options will be posted on the Smugglers’ homeowner network.  Homeowners are asked to complete the sign up form by March 15th so that hardware can be appropriated.

VEC Smart Hub Usage

The winter months can be brutal on electric bills especially for those who are using electric power as their primary source of heat. There is a tracking system through the Vermont Electric Cooperative that can help you monitor your power usage. A home or multiple homes can track daily or even hourly usage and the information is provided through a simple text or email alerts. Visit for details. Please have your account number handy to register. Not tech savvy? Simply call (800)832-2667 for a representative will assist you.

Reminder From Smuggs- Protocol for Indoor Facilities During Covid Restrictions

Reservations for indoor facilities are required – Reminder – When you or your guests are planning to come to Smugglers remember that all indoor facilities and programs require pre-registration for both homeowners and guests as long as the State mandated Covid capacities are in place for the Smugglers’ facilities. All guests (and homeowners) that have access according to the Smugglers’ Benefit Grid can pre-register beginning 14 days in advance of the date they would like to attend. If a homeowner or guest attempts to register for a certain time or program and it is full, send an email to and Smugglers’ will attempt to accommodate their request. Guests (homeowners) can also go to a facility or program 15 minutes after the start of a reservations cycle and if guests haven’t shown up and there is room, it is possible that they can be accommodated. Once a guest signs up for a specific date and time, they are sent an email reminder and, in that reminder, it tells guests what to do if they want to cancel their registration. The reminder also advises them if they do not show up to a reservation on time, 15 minutes after their registered time, their registration will be cancelled. Cooperation with this process will be appreciated.

SNHA Office- Staying Connected

The SNHA office remains closed to the public while we are under Covid restrictions, but we would like to hear from you. If you have not already done so, please take a moment to fill out our contact information form so we can keep you up to date on important SNHA matters. Forms are located at

Once complete please send to Stefanie in the SNHA office.

SNHA Homeowner Projects

SNHA Water Heater Replacement Service 2021

All tanks have been ordered and site reviews complete. Installations begin the week of April 19th.  Any questions about this service or if you missed out and would like further information, please contact Tracy

Seasonal Carpet Upholstery Cleaning- Spring Special

Absolute Carpets is offering a 10% discount to their carpet/upholstery cleaning for the month of April. Eric and his team have been working with SNHA for a few years now and their attention to detail in high traffic areas really make all the difference in the overall job!  If you would like to participate, please contact Tracy

Extreme Challenge- Madonna Lift Line March 4th– 5th

Smuggs Snowboard club hosts a show of real big mountain skiing that the whole family can enjoy safely from either the Madonna 1 lift or a designated roped off area from the mid-station. Come join the fun on the slopes from 9 am to 4 pm.