Dear Fellow Homeowners

We have received many calls and emails regarding the 2018 Village Fee true up ($413.36) that was a line item charge on our first quarter statements.  To help understand this true up fee, the SNHA performed a review of the Smugglers’ worksheet itemizing the overall Village Services and the basis for the calculation of the “true up”. We submitted the review to Smugglers’ and have the following to offer in understanding the charge:

  1. full owner homes are charged $274.50/quarter or $1098/year which is the annual village fee ($1027 plus a $71 shuttle fee charge.)
  2. These fees were set in 2009 and have not been updated since that time.
  3. Each year for the past 10 years, the village fee charged ($1098) has been reconciled with the actual expenses and adjusted accordingly in the first quarter statement as a “true up”.  The actual village fee line item expenses are posted on the website for review.

In hindsight, keeping a base fee unchanged for 10 years is not optimal.  We are reviewing this with Lisa Howe of Smugglers’ management to better reflect current expenses.

As you may recall from previous SNHA communications, the village fee understanding has been in dispute during this entire period since 2009, and we hope to have an update regarding village fees at our annual meeting.