The links on the menu above will take you to a specific building association or regime. Directors, meeting minutes and other regime specific information are being added and posted.


For an overall review of how Regime Associations are organized and managed see Organizational Overview.


For details on how SNHA works with Regime Associations see the description of the Structure that was implemented in 2012, and updated in 2019.


Regime Services and Structure


Regime Annual Meetings – Schedule

The default day and time for Regime Annual Meetings is 8:30 AM on the morning of the SNHA Annual Meeting which is most often the Saturday closest to July 4th at the Meeting House at Smugglers’ Resort. these meetings take place around breakfast before the start of the SNHA Annual Meeting. Many Regimes have also set other times and days for their formal Annual Regime Meeting different from the 8:30 AM time on SNHA Annual Meeting Day. These are most often by teleconference which allows more participation from people unable to come to the resort during the July 4th holiday. Stay tuned as Regime Directors notify their respective homeowners of their plans. If no further notice is given, the default day and time for Regime Association Annual Meetings will be 8:30 AM at the Smugglers’ Meeting House. Regimes may also begin a meeting on SNHA Annual Meeting Day at 8:30 am and recess to a later time and date to be set and announced to their fellow homeowners in order to achieve a quorum, continue and conclude a meeting. All Regimes are encouraged to breakfast together at the SNHA Annual Meeting at 8:30 AM.

Regime Associations holding meetings in the fall of 2019 – dates and details to be announced:
Mountainview 1-20
Riverside 49-60
Riverside 37-48
Other Regimes who are not listed above should contact to ask about the Regime organization and possible benefits for holding meetings.