Florrie Paige H 13

Claire Franklin H 08

Mike Sinz H 07

Contact: snha@snha.net

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Reports and Information – Click on links to review materials

03-18-16 Letter to Homeowners – Meeting Tuesday March 29, 2016 at 8:00 PM

03-29-16 Homeowner Budget Meeting – Budget adopted by Directors

01-28-15 Meeting Minutes

01-28-15 Meeting by teleconference 8 PM Agenda and Financial Reports

Sample of  Doors to be installed – Hakone will use one of the pictured doors at each entry

01-15-14 Letter to Homeowners

02-03-13 Letter to Homeowners with Budget

01-31-13 Directors’ Meeting

10-28-12 Meeting of Homeowners – Minutes and reports

02-14-12 Letter to Homeowners with budget

10-10-11 Directors Meeting – Collection policy adopted

2010 Meeting Minutes 09-16-10

2010 Budget and Plan 05-10-2010

2009 Meeting Minutes

2008 Meeting Minutes

2007 Meeting Minutes

2006 Meeting Minutes

2005 Meeting Minutes



Note the Vermont State Condominium statutes were amended effective January 1, 2012. There are elements of the amended statutes that supersede portions of the below documents and these new statutes will need to be incorporated into the below documents as amendments. Amendment drafts are underway. While most of the changes are procedural in nature, if you have questions about how the 2012 State Statutes affect the Hakone documents and governance, please inquire.